Murr's Hobby Slip Cast Ceramics
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Quarterly Theme Competition

   Starting Monday the 8th October 2018 and winner announced Saturday February 23rd, 2019 at Murrs at Morning Tea.
To enter the cost will be $2.00 (to be donated to Alara).
Theme—Magazine Project. (Rules attached)
Must be from Slip Cast Ceramics molds.
Judges will be Maria Davis and Fiona Gibson. Pieces into be Judged on Satur-day 16th February only. (Judges decisions will be final)
Ist Prize will be $25.00 Voucher from Murrs
2nd Prize will be $10.00 Voucher from Murrs
3rd Prize will be $5.00 Voucher from Murrs
Looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Regards Di Murr.

Any piece copied from a ceramic magazine, technique must be exact and greenware/bisqueware and colours to be as close as possible
Reproduction of folk art from folk art magazine or ‘in vogue’ characters and/or themes (eg. movie, cartoon of book characters etc.)
In all cases the magazine or article the reproduction is taken from must accompany the piece to allow for correct judging
( Judges decisions will be final)

Clay Carve.
​Hi Folks we have a clay carve class on the Sunday 18th November. Cost $25. Plus Greenware ordered the week before Start 9.30am

Some Designs for carving